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Laundry & Stain Remover Gift Set

Laundry & Stain Remover Gift Set

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Elegantly store our laundry powder and stain remover in our handcrafted clay jars, adorned in serene white and beige hues. This limited edition gift set comes with custom designed artwork by artist Adele Naidoo. Unlike most gift packaging that goes to waste, you can simply cut out and frame Adele’s floral art.

The set includes:

✓ White Clay Jar + Natural Laundry Powder (700g)
✓ Beige Clay Jar + Miracle Stain Remover (700g)
✓ Adele Naidoo limited edition artwork
✓ Bamboo tray
✓ Wooden spoons x 2

​​Our Natural Laundry Powder uses plant-based ingredients and revolutionary biotechnology to kill 99% of germs naturally, for cleaner and softer laundry. Ultra concentrated - just two teaspoons per full load. 

Our Miracle Stain Remover is powerful at removing stubborn stains all around the home. Use it in your laundry to remove tough stains and odours, on your grout to whiten and brighten, on your carpets to refresh and even to clean your toilet! The Miracle Stain Remover uses 100% natural ingredients and contains no bleach, ammonia, dyes, and fragrance.

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Septic Tank Safe

100% Natural Formula


Palm Oil Free

Made for ultra sensitive skin

Clean with peace of mind knowing our all natural laundry powder and stain remover has a No Nasties Guarantee. Every single ingredient is verified against EWG standards to ensure it is 100% non-toxic and will not irritate your skin.

No Bleach
No Ammonia
No Artificial Fragrance
No Dye

Tried, Tested, Proven

Independently lab tested and proven to outperform Australia’s best laundry detergent.

✓ Kills 99% of germs

✓ Removes Odour

✓ Naturally Effective

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