5 easy tips that will change the way you clean your bathroom

5 easy tips that will change the way you clean your bathroom

Bathroom cleaning - it's not a job anyone looks forward to doing, but thankfully there are some simple ways to make bathroom cleaning that little bit easier - and they use items you probably already have in your home! 


Here are my five favourite bathroom cleaning hacks:

1. Soften your towels:

Eco Laundry

Soft towels are the first step towards creating a hotel, luxury experience in your bathroom. The next time you’re washing your towels, place them in the washing machine with no other clothes in the machine. Use a plant-based laundry detergent that's free from fillers and leaves no resiudes - like our Natural Laundry Powder.  



Did you know?
Artificial fillers and harsh chemicals leave residues on fabrics and that is the main reason why towels come out stiff and scratchy. 
Top Tip:
Add 1/2 cup baking soda to the drum to further deodorise and soften towels. Wash in a gentle setting then dry with 2-3 dryer balls in the dryer, or line dry in the shade


2Whiten sinks without scrubbing:

Mama Mila Stain Remover

Did you know you can clean your bathroom with our Miracle Stain Remover?
Fill your sink with warm water and place 1-2 tablespoons of our Miracle Stain Remover inside your sink. Allow the mix to bubble and then drain and wipe to reveal your whitened and brightened sink.


3. Clean with a dish brush:

Your handy dishwashing brush can be a miracle worker in the bathroom! Simply fill it with equal parts dishwashing liquid and white vinegar, or your favourite bathroom cleaner, and use it to effortlessly scrub all around your bathroom!

4. Clean your shower head with a lemon

Water and limescale can build up on your shower head, but you can rub a lemon across your shower head to cut through the limescale. Lemons contain citric acid which is powerful at breaking through limescale and grime and leaves your shower head sparkling. For tough build up, tie the lemon to your shower head and leave it overnight! 

5. Clean your shower and toilet with the Miracle Stain Remover:

How to clean tile grout

Our Miracle Stain Remover is not just for laundry stains! You can use it to clean your toilet and shower too!

For toilets, add 1 tsp into the toilet bowl. Allow to sit for 10 minutes before scrubbing with your usual toilet brush. Your toilet will be left clean, whitened and deodorised - minus any harsh chemicals! 



For showers, sprinkle across your shower floor and grout and leave for 10 minutes. Using a wet scrubbing brush, clean the dirty areas of your shower with ease!



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