6 Hacks That Will Change The Way You Clean Your Bathroom

6 Hacks That Will Change The Way You Clean Your Bathroom

Let's face it: nobody enjoys spending hours scrubbing the bathroom, myself included.
But there are ways to make it quicker and easier all without using any nasty chemicals.

Check them out :


Clean & Sparkling Solution by Mama Mila Home
1. Clean & Sparkling Solution
Mix 1 cup water,
1/2 cup white vinegar,
1/4 cup dish soap
and optionally add 5 drops of clove or tea tree oil for mold removal,
spray this solution on your mirror, glass shower door, or to your bathroom walls and floors, wipe, gently scrub if needed, and flush to discover your sparkling bathroom.



2. Ditch the bleach
While it is common to use bleach for cleaning the bathroom because it can whiten the tiles and toilet. Still, bleach can irritate the skin and eyes, and combined with certain chemicals (like ammonia) it can form a dangerous gas and increase the risk of cancer.

But you can say bye bye bleach because now you can clean, whiten, and get rid of germs in your toilets without harsh chemicals using 1 teaspoonful of Mama Mila Home Miracle Stain Remover.


Push the button to remove the entire toilet seat tips by Mama Mila Home

3. Push the button
Did you know that pressing the button under your toilet seat can remove the entire seat? It's true!

Press the button, and cleaning under the toilet seat just got a whole lot easier.





 4. Clean Grout + Kill Bacteria & Mould

Mix 1 part Miracle Stain Remover with 5 parts of warm water and voila... you create a powerful paste that cleans grout plus kill bacteria and mould.


Whiten Sink + Deodorise & Unclog Drain with Miracle Stain Remover by Mama Mila Home
5. Whiten Sink + Deodorise & Unclog Drain
Your sink turns yellow or your drain smells? Skip the scubbing, you just need to soak the sink for about 15 minutes with our Miracle Stain Remover, and as it drains, it helps unclog drains and deodorise them too!

For tough set in stains on your benchtop, make a paste with our Miracle Stain Remover and warm water. Generously apply onto stains and leave for 15 minutes. Use our no-scratch scourer to scrub the stains away.  



Anti-bacterial toilet cleaner
6. Get Rid of Germs Without Harsh Chemical
Use 1 tsp Miracle Stain Remover as a 100% natural toilet cleaner! It leaves your toilet fresh and clean - without the harsh chemicals!






Now the question is, which hack will you try first?


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