How to clean your oven without heavy scrubbing

How to clean your oven without heavy scrubbing

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how to easily clean your oven

Make this powerful yet non-toxic mix to make oven cleaning a breeze!

What you need:
1. 1/4 Mama Mila Home's Miracle Stain Remover*
2. 3 tbsp of water
3. PowerUp Steel Scourer (free with any miracle stain remover purchase!)

How to:
1. Mix #1 & #2 into a paste
2. Apply onto the stained oven surface
3. Use the magic scourer to scrub away the stuck on grime & stains. 

*This Miracle Stain Remover contains a ready blend of sodium bicarbonate and sodium percarbonate that activates into hydrogen peroxide to make it a powerful cleaning agent. 

Just look at the results!
best oven cleaner

I badly burnt my pan, used the same mix/method and was amazed at how easily the burnt bits came off the pan!
How to clean a burnt pot


Miracle Stain Remover Cheat Sheet

Want more?

We've put together a Stain Remover Usage Cheat Sheet for you. Download it HERE. 

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