Sustainable Gifting with Mama Mila Home Holiday Collection

Sustainable Gifting with Mama Mila Home Holiday Collection

We've all had the experience of being given something we don't want, like or need.

Beautiful & Functional.

Beautiful & Functional, two key principles for ensuring your holiday gifting is etched in memory.

Let's talk laundry, shall we?

A study revealed that Australian households did an average of 2.5 loads of washing per week (2013, The Lund University).

That's where our Laundry & Stain Remover Gift Set steps in. Imagine your loved ones elegantly storing their laundry essentials in white and beige clay jars on a bamboo tray, complete with wooden spoons. A gift that turns a chore into a fond memory throughout the year – now, that's connection-building material.

The Reusable Spray Bottles Gift Set is perfect for the DIYers. These reusable frosted glass bottles come with silicone protectors, not only making them beautiful, but the rose and serene white silicone also make them easy to hold and anti-slip. We also put the DIY cleaning recipe card with the gift set so they can create their own cleaning solutions.

Each gift box is a work of art, crafted in collaboration with Australian artist Adele Naidoo. Our packaging has been thoughtfully designed so the custom-designed Adele Naidoo artwork can be cut out, framed, and displayed in your home, as our bonus gift to you!

Minimize waste by buying sustainable gifts such as the Mama Mila Home Holiday Collection. Limited Stock Available! Grab Your Thoughtful and Sustainable Gifts Before They're Gone! 🌟🎁


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